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Secure Tarping Policy

Please note that to prevent any type of waste from blowing onto area roadways and into ditches, Gallatin County has adopted a policy that all loads delivered to the Landfill must be covered with a secured tarp (even if waste is in bags or containers) or use other measures to secure the load. Trucks and trailers must also have a tailgate. Failure to comply with this secured load policy will result in a fine being assessed (No exceptions.)


It is unlawful for any person to transport any solid waste without first covering such load with an adequate tarp, sheet or similar protection and adequately secure any such load and its covering

1. All loads hauled by private individuals, commercial or industrial waste haulers shall be covered/tarped/secured, to prevent scattering from the origin of the waste to the landfill facility.

2. Tarps need to be in a condition, and secured in such a fashion, so as not to allow material to be scattered during transport.

3. All loads that arrive at the landfill facility without being secured as determined by the Logan Landfill staff will be subject to a “specified penalty”.

4. “Specified penalty” will be $25.00 added by the scale office on to the waste deposit charge for the first offense and increase by an additional $25.00 for each subsequent offense.

5. This policy to take effect July 1, 2007.

GGSWMD Board Adoption April 18, 2007