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Electronic Waste

E-Waste may be taken to Logan Landfill for recycling through 406 Recycling in Helena, Montana.  The cost of e-waste recycling is $27/ton with a $5 minimum under 400 lbs. The rate for commercial e-waste recycling is $48/ton.

GSWMD offers a free, annual e-waste collection event at Logan Landfill each April around Earth Day. Check our upcoming events section for more details or call 406.582.2493

Other e-waste options include Staples and Pacific Steel & Recycling in Bozeman. Call ahead or visit the websites for information on what items are accepted goods.

Electronic Waste, or e-waste, refers to obsolete electronic devices that have reached their end-of-life. Electronic devices contain a significant amount of circuitry in relation to their other structural materials as plastics or base metals. The circuitry in electronic waste contains precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium and copper that can be recovered through the recycling process.

Below is a list of common electronic devices that should be included in electronic waste streams.

Answering machinesComputer MiceServers
Clocks/Clock Radios (Digital)Mobile PhonesSet top boxes
Desktop ComputersModemsStereos/Boom boxes
Digital camerasMonitorsTablets
DVD PlayersPrintersTelephones
Fax MachinesRemote ControlsTelevisions
Laptop ComputersScannersCords/Accessories

Electronic vs. Electrical
People often equate electrical with electronic, but not all devices that transfer electrical power are electronic devices. In general,electrical devices do not contain complex circuitry and should not be considered electronic waste. Electrical devices are primarily composed of base metals and/or plastics, and are better suited to be procesed by a non-electronics recycler. The vast majority of household and kitchen appliances are electrical devices—not electronic—and should not be included in electronic waste streams.

Below is a list of common electrical devices (not e-waste):

BlendersElectric RollersPower Tools
Cameras (Film/Non-digital)Electric SkilletsRice Cookers
Can Openers (Electric)FansLamps
Christmas LightsFoot BathsToasters
Clocks (Analog/Non-digital)Hair DryersToaster Ovens
Coffee MakersHeaters (without oil)Toys
Crock PotsIronsVacuum Cleaners
Curling IronsJuicersVaporizers
Dust BustersMicrowave OvensWaffle Irons
Electric ShaversMixersWeed Trimmers

Non-Conforming Items
Certain non-conforming devices contain hazardous or un-recyclable materials and can be harmful to our workers and recycling equipment. These items should never be included in electronic waste streams.

Air ConditionersWater CoolersCeramic/Glass Table Lamps
Batteries*Wood SpeakersChemicals/Oil*
Clothing/FabricsXmas TreesGasoline Powered Items
Fire Extinguishers*Paper ShreddersRPTV assembly units
FurnitureOil-filled heatersRefrigeration Units
LuggageTreadmills/Exercise Equipt.Ammunition, live or spent*
Magnetic TapesGarbage DisposalsWood Piano
Propane Canisters*Electric BlanketsBioWaste
Smoke AlarmsBare CRT Tubes

* Please call the household hazardous waste specialist for these items: 406-451-1230

Information provided by 406 Recycling, LLC. If you have any questions about what materials are considered e-waste, please call 406.582.2493