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Nonprofit Reduced Tipping Fee Policy

On April 16, 2008, at a regular Gallatin Solid Waste Management District Board (Board) meeting, the Board approved a process to allow non-profits to request a reduction in tipping fees at the Logan Landfill. On October 23, 2013, the Board reviewed and amended the process. The following is the application process to follow:

  • Provide a cover letter requesting the reduction in fees that addresses conditions #1-5 of the Gallatin Solid Waste Management District (District) Resolution #2008-4, April 16, 2008, and amended August 22, 2012, Resolution #2013-1; and amended October 23, 2013, Resolution #2014-1, a Resolution of the District to Allow Reduced Tipping Fees for Qualified Not for Profit Corporations Doing Business in Gallatin County (copy included in the application packet).
  • Complete the District Not-For-Profit Request for the Reduction in Tipping Fee Application.
  • Provide additional documentation that will help support the information requested in the application.
  • After receiving the application, the application will be reviewed by the Office Manager for a determination. After careful consideration, the District Manager or designee will make the final determination. If approved, notification will be given to the Board at their next public hearing.
  • A letter of notification will be sent by the District to the organization with its determination.
  • If the District Manager or designee determines an organization qualifies for a reduction in fees, the “Discount Fee” shall be the District’s actual cost of operation on a tonnage basis (as per #6, SWMD Resolution 2014-1).
  • The discount fee shall be re-evaluated annually. At that time, qualifying not for profit businesses shall be notified regarding a potential change in fees
SWMD Resolution 2014-1.pdfNon Profit Application Updated 2024.pdf