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Logan Landfill

What time do I have to be in the landfill by?
You must be in by closing time (be aware of Summer vs Winter hours), but if you are not out by closing time there are late fees of $25 for every 10 minutes you are in the landfill past closing.

Why do I have to pay to dump, if I am a resident of the county?
The Gallatin Solid Waste Management District is an enterprise fund and does not receive tax dollars. All programs are funded by landfill tipping fees.

Can I use a credit card that is not mine (i.e. boss, company, family member) to pay for disposal?
Yes, you will need to have the information with you so you can manually enter it when you are at the scale to pay.

When does the landfill close due to weather?
See our weather station data for information about Logan Landfill. You can also call 406-284-4029 to confirm that we are open.

What is Class 4?
Class 4 is construction material.

Why does it cost more to get rid of Class 4 and concrete?
Larger items that don’t break down or biodegrade take up more room in the landfill and are harder on the equipment.

Why are tires more expensive to get rid of?
Tires do not compact well or degrade, and occupy a lot of air space.

How do I dispose of Household Hazardous material?
Hazardous items can be taken to the free HHW event held at Bozeman Convenience Site the second Saturday of every month.  (Events will be canceled if the weather is forecast to be 0 degrees or below)  If you cannot make the free drop off event,  you can call Ray Harrison, our HHW Specialist, at 406-539-1161 or the Bozeman Convenience site at 406-587-7890 to set up a time during the week to drop off items.

What is the policy for getting rid of a refrigerator, freezer or A/C unit?  Refrigerators/freezers/water coolers/air conditioning units must be free of all food. Cost per item is $32 to dispose ($30 for Freon removal/certification and $2 for appliance disposal fee).

How do I dispose of paint?
Oil-based paint needs to go to the hazardous waste facility at  Bozeman Convenience Site.  You may attend an HHW event  (the second Saturday of each month; if the weather is forecast to be 0 degrees or below, it will be canceled) or you may call BCS 406-587-7890 to schedule a time to drop it off during regular business hours.  Latex paint is not hazardous.  Dry the paint or solidify it with cat litter, sawdust, floor dry, sand, etc. to make a thick, non-pourable paste.   It can be disposed  with your regular trash.

Do you accept electronic waste?
Yes, it is part of your regular load ($27/ton) or subject to the $5 minimum if that is all you have. The scale house attendants will direct you to the drop-off location.

Why do you charge to accept yard/green waste?
It takes labor, equipment, and fuel to create compost from yard/green waste.

Is your compost for sale?
No, it is used for reclamation and erosion control at Logan Landfill