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There is no glass recycling offered by Gallatin Solid Waste Management District. The costs associated with collecting, handling, and hauling glass are extremely prohibitive when compared with the low market value for a commodity made primarily of silica (an extremely abundant material). Please do not bring glass from Gallatin County to the City of Livingston’s transfer station – they ONLY accept glass from Livingston residents. Please see the options below for managing glass waste in Gallatin County.


Some curbside collection programs do accept glass with their single stream bins. Currently, Gone Green and J&K Recyclers accept glass in their Bozeman-area curbside collection.

Take-Back Programs

Bayern Brewing in Missoula offers to buy back empty brown glass beer bottles through their Eco Pack program. Bottles must meet their criteria and be stored in 6-pack holders within designated EcoPack boxes ($3 deposit). Bayern offers a small cash return or discount for bottles brought to the brewery in good condition so they can be washed and reused. Read more about Ecopacks.

  • Four Corners Recycling has Bayern EcoPacks available and accepts full EcoPacks for drop-off during their hours of operation. Contact FCR at 406-220-6701 for more details.


The best thing to do with your glass is reuse it. Some beverages can be purchased in bulk quantities in containers called “growlers.” Some grocery stores offer bulk liquids and dry goods that may be stored in glass containers. With a bit of purchase planning and creativity, glass waste can be reduced in every household. Let your local store know if you are interested in more bulk options.